Tengami soundtrack by David Wise on Bandcamp

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-04-16 - comments
Indie developer Nyamyam Games, based in the United Kingdom, has published the soundtrack to pop-up book adventure game Tengami through Bandcamp. The 13-track album by Donkey Kong Country series composer David Wise incorporates traditional Japanese instruments to complement the game's visuals.

FTL: Advanced Edition Soundtrack on Bandcamp

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Ben Prunty's FTL: Advanced Edition Soundtrack is now available through Bandcamp, streaming in full online and downloadable in your file format of choice for "name your price." To mark the occasion, both the real time strategy game's full music score and the composer's studio album Curious Merchandise are on sale for $1 this weekend.

Device 6 receives 2014 IGF Excellence in Audio Award

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Composer Daniel Olsén and developer Simogo Games received the award for Excellence in Audio for the interactive smartphone novel Device 6 at the 2014 Indendent Games Festival, held at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The Seumas McNally Grand Prize went to Papers, Please by Lucas Pope.

Aliceffekt's Short Stories In Impossible Spaces

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Hiversaires designer Aliceffekt (Devine Lu Linvega) has published the soundtrack to the independently developed iOS puzzle game Oquonie. Available to stream in full and purchase in your file format of choice through Bandcamp, Short Stories In Impossible Spaces features cover art by the game's illustrator Rekka Bellum.

Threes background music by Big Giant Circles

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Background music to the elegant iOS puzzler Threes, composed by Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson, is streaming in full on Bandcamp. Including two unused alternative tracks written for the iPhone and iPad app, Threes The Soundtrack is available to download in your file format of choice for "name your price."

Aliceffekt scores Oquonie iOS puzzle game

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Hiversaires designer Aliceffekt has composed an original score for Oquonie, an iOS puzzle game developed in collaboration with illustrator Rekka Bellum. Due out next week, the game depicts bizarre characters who speak an obscure language, allowing the player to explore an intertwined megastructure labyrinth.

Final Fantasy VI smartphone reveal trailer

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The first trailer for Final Fantasy VI for smartphones debuted at this weekend's Jump Festa event, previewing the revised visual design of this upcoming port. Piano arrangements of the role-playing game score and other themes overseen by composer Nobuo Uematsu will be performed live at Yomiuri Otemachi Hall in Tokyo in May.

Siddhartha Barnhoorn releases Out There score

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Antichamber composer Siddhartha Barnhoorn has released the atmospheric soundtrack to Out There, a science fiction resource management title by independent developer Mi-Clos Studio. The mobile game for iOS and Android is due out early 2014, with hand-drawn 2D graphics by French artist FibreTigre.

Shadegrown Games debuts Starbloom soundtrack

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Environmentally sustainable indie developer Shadegrown Games (based in coffee loving Seattle, Washington) has reduced the price of their relaxing music app Starbloom to celebrate the release of the soundtrack on Bandcamp. Orbiting planets pulsate with sound, sending waves of stellar matter into space in this ambient iOS app.

Device 6 receives "Anna" Jonathan Eng single

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Songwriter Jonathan Eng has published the vocal single "Anna" from Swedish indie game developer Simogo Games' smartphone title Device 6. The original song, instrumental track and an acoustic demo are available for purchase on iTunes, while the full soundtrack album by Daniel Olsén is streaming on Bandcamp.

Device 6 score by Daniel Olsén on Bandcamp

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Game composer Daniel Olsén's soundtrack to the Device 6 interactive fiction iOS app by Swedish indie developer Simogo Games is now available to stream in full online. The 24-track album can be heard via Bandcamp, alongside the score to Simogo's folk tale-inspired horror story Year Walk.

James Primate posts Junk Jack X soundtrack

Source submitted by James Primate on 2013-10-20 - comments
Volume 1 of the score to independent developer The PixBits' intergalactic mining adventure game Junk Jack X for iPhone and iPad is now available through Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify. The album featuring music from the sandbox title contains 27 tracks from the original Terra, Alba, Seth, Xeno and Magmar launch worlds.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years remade for iOS

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Square Enix has posted the announcement trailer for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years for iPhone and Android devices. The remake has revised the 2D sprite-based graphics of the PlayStation Portable title in the style of the Final Fantasy IV remake for Nintendo DS. Music is by Final Fantasy X co-composers Nobuo Uematsu and Junya Nakano.

Bugtronica by m7kenji free to download

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The latest smartphone application by m7kenji, the Tokyo-based game designer and chiptune VJ, is now available for free download for iPhone and iPad from the Apple Store. Bugtronica stars a glitchy protagonist who encounters winged buglike creatures while traversing a 2D platforming shooter.

Blake Robinson's Chrono Trigger Symphony previewed

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Blake Robinson's Synthetic Orchestra is planning arrange album Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 1 for release through on August 22. A crossfade sample video, featuring orchestral arrangements of music by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu from the Super Nintendo RPG, has been posted to YouTube.