La-Mulana 2 Kickstarter campaign launches

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Indie game distributor Playism and Tokyo-based developer Nigoro have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund adventure game La-Mulana 2, starring the daughter of the original protagonist. The first La-Mulana is today's Steam's deal of the day, available for 90% off for PC for a limited time.

Daedelus scores Nidhogg by Messhof

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Music producer Daedelus (Alfred Darlington) has scored the soundtrack to Nidhogg by LA-based indie game designer Messhof (Mark Essen). "Forest" from the score to the sprite-based fencing game is streaming on SoundCloud, while the full soundtrack comes packaged with the Steam release as individual ogg files.

Austin Wintory hosts Banner Saga AMA

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Stoic Games and composer Austin Wintory will be hosting an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit on the subject of The Banner Saga, scheduled for January 10. The AMA anticipates the January 14 release of the Viking-themed tactical role-playing game's single player campaign, crowdfunded through Kickstarter.

Samurai Gunn EP streaming on Bandcamp

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The ten-track soundtrack EP for Samurai Gunn, designed by indie developer TeknoPants for release on PC and Mac, is now available to stream in full on Bandcamp. Back in 2012 composer Doseone performed live at the IGF's Wild Rumpus Venus Patrol party in San Francisco, together with David Kanaga of DYAD.

Simon Viklund shares A Merry Payday Christmas

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Bionic Commando Rearmed series composer Simon Viklund has produced a festive Christmas album based on his music for the Payday online heist simulators, containing seven seasonal hymns sung by the character of Old Hoxton. The musician has also hosted an AMA on Reddit to answer questions about his favorite music tracks.

Kou Ogata plays Eorzean Minstrels’ Story

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Tokyo-based musician Kou Ogata will release a five-track collection of acoustic renditions of themes from Final Fantasy XIV on December 30 at Comic Market 85. Three separate performances of Celtic instrument arrangements from the album Eorzean Minstrels’ Story can be viewed on the k-waves LAB YouTube channel.

David Kanaga uploads Dyad Cuts

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Proteus composer David Kanaga has released his second album through Bandcamp based on the interactive score to Dyad, the PlayStation Network and Steam racer by Shawn McGrath. The full set of audio components used in the independently developed game are available to download via the musician's website.

Fallout 1, 2, Tactics free during winter sale

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2013-12-13 - comments, formerly Good Old Games, has launched their DRM-free winter sale, offering Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics for free download for Windows and Mac OS X. The digital role-playing game titles include all three soundtrack albums, featuring music composed by Mark Morgan and Inon Zur.

Ultionus: A Soundtrack of Petty Revenge by Virt

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Ultionus: A Soundtrack of Petty Revenge by Double Dragon Neon composer Virt (Jake Kaufman) is now available to download in your file format of choice through Bandcamp for "name your price." The album includes the track "Credits (Wandering)" from Truthcannon by A_Rival, performed by vocalist Helen Eugene.

Americana Dawn: Civilized Folk by Shnabubula

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Shnabubula previously participated in Andy Baio's chip-jazz compilation King of Bloop, reimagining music by Miles Davis. Today he releases Americana Dawn: Civilized Folk, a collaboration with violinist Gabriel Terracciano arranging compositions for acoustic instruments from the forthcoming American history JRPG.

Pixeljam brings Snowball to Bandcamp

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Independent developer Pixeljam Games, whose Dino Run 2 campaign is underway on Kickstarter, has released the music score from Snowball on Bandcamp, bundled with the sprite-based, snow-themed pinball game for Mac and PC. Music for the game is by Miles Tilmann and Mark DeNardo, with sound effects by John Davies of Datasette.

Beatbuddy soundtrack posted to Bandcamp

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The developers at Threaks of Hamburg, Germany have released the soundtrack to action-adventure music game Beatbuddy for PC, Mac and Lunux. The six-track album is available to stream in full through Bandcamp and purchase in your file format of choice, including music by Austin Wintory and Sabrepulse.

Super Motherload PS4 score streaming online

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Eric Cheng's score to XGen Studios' PlayStation 4 puzzle game launch title Super Motherload sets the mood for mining minerals in a drill equipped buggy from beneath the surface of Mars. The 19-track digital soundtrack album is available to stream in full through Bandcamp and purchase via iTunes.

The Girl and the Robot funded on Kickstarter

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Flying Carpets Studio of Montreal is crowdfunding their fairytale adventure game The Girl and the Robot this week through Kickstarter. The original score is by Eiko Ishiwata Nichols, whose Final Fantasy Acoustic Rendition Remixes, Chrysalis and Fantasy Collection digital albums are being awarded to project backers.

Milan's Santa Ragione posts MirrorMoon score

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Independent design studio Santa Ragione of Milan, Italy has published the score to PC title MirrorMoon through Bandcamp. The 23-track ambient music album, featuring atmospheric compositions from the 2013 IGF Nuovo finalist, is by Michael Manning, Nicolò Sala, Eric Hopton, Marco Adamoli, ella guro, Keith Blackwell and Sine Waver.