September 19, 2014

IndieGames Podcast #24: The Sidescrolling of Isaac

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IndieGames Podcast #24 hears from four participants of the Nubuwo Debut Bundle. Joining the show are musicians Danny Baranowsky of The Binding of Isaac, Sabrepulse (Ash Charles) of Bit Pilot, Dom Beken of PixelJunk Shooter 1 & 2, and Tomas Dvorak (Floex) of Machinarium.


Sabrepulse releases Bit Pilot soundtrack

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Chip musician Sabrepulse has released his soundtrack to independent game Bit Pilot through Bandcamp. The well received asteroid avoidance iOS title is a collaboration with designer Zach Gage, featuring seven music tracks.


Sabrepulse scores Bit Pilot 2.0

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Game designer Zach Gage has posted a free update for asteroid-dodging mobile title Bit Pilot, providing it with universal iOS support. Music for the game is by chiptune artist Sabrepulse.