Frog Fractions 2, Tribute Album funded on Kickstarter

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-04-02 - comments
Jim Crawford's Frog Fractions 2 edutainment tool for ages 8-12, along with the Tribute Album arranged by Danny Baranowsky, Disasterpeace and Ben Prunty, have been funded through Kickstarter. Pledges for backer rewards, including the original and arranged soundtracks, will be accepted online until Thursday, April 10.

Wave cloning accusations roil chiptune community

Source submitted by mrwasteland on 2014-04-01 - comments is closely tracking an emerging controversy in the chiptune community after alert listeners have noticed startling similarities in the basic waveforms used by multiple artists. “It’s shocking,” one poster wrote. “It’s as if all of the music we've been enjoying for years just boils down to patterns of frequencies of waveforms.”

TORIENA, Mega Ran appearing on YMCK Family Radio

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Game Boy musician TORIENA will appear as a special guest on today's episode of Takeshi Yokemura's YMCK Family Radio Show, airing at 10:00 pm JST, 9:00 AM EST on Ustream. The program is planned to debut a recording from Pico Pico Cafe of Mega Ran's improvisational rap performance to YMCK's Super Mario World remix.

Ridge Racer 20th Anniversary Remix album announced

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Tokyo-based music label Sweeprecord has announced plans to release the two-disc Ridge Racer 20th Anniversary Remix album, coinciding with May's Ridge Racer Night 2 club event. The album contains over thirty new renditions of themes from the Namco Bandai racing game series by Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso and Nobuyoshi Sano.

Square Sounds Tokyo slated for September 27 and 28

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Chip music festival Square Sounds Tokyo has been announced for Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28, 2014, one week following the Tokyo Game Show. The annual event taking place at the Koenji High venue features live performances by international chip musicians and game-inspired visual artists.

Cart Life free to download and open source

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Retail simulator Cart Life, featuring a chiptune score by Stu, Pocketmaster, Lo-Bat and Mat64, is now free to download and open source. Created using Adventure Game Studio, Richard Hofmeier's PC title received three Independent Games Festival Awards in 2013, including the Seamus McNally Grand Prize.

Luftrausers soundtrack by Kozilek on Bandcamp

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The nine-track soundtrack to Vlambeer and Devolver Digital's independently developed flying shmup Luftrausers is now available to stream in full through Bandcamp. Published by Wasteland Kings composer Jukio Kozilek Kallio, album art for the Linux, Mac, PC, PS3 and Vita title's music score is by Roy Nathan de Groot.

Mega Ran Japan Tour CDs arrive in Tokyo and Kyoto

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Mega Ran Japan Tour CDs have arrived in Tokyo and Kyoto at two exclusive locations. The LP is currently available for 1000 yen at Pico Pico Cafe and Cafe la Siesta, containing rap remixes of the hip-hop artist's Mega Man songs by DJ Master Kohta, TORIENA, NNNNNNNNNN, Itoki Hana, Kunio, Bun, BOKKADENcI and other artists.

Telefuture label reaches Kickstarter crowdfunding goal

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Designer Steve Jenkins and Telefuture, a music label dedicated to 1980s-inspired sounds and visual design, have reached their Kickstarter goal, crowdfunding upcoming album releases. The project will be funded on Thursday, April 10, offering the digital music compilation "Eternalist" among its backer rewards.

Oh, Deer! live and in concert March 25 in Kichijoji

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Celebrated game designer Yu Suzuki, director of Shenmue 1 & 2, calls Oh, Deer! by Necrosoft Games, "not bad." Composer Motohiro Kawashima (Streets of Rage 3) will perform music from the hotly anticipated indie driving game on the afternoon of March 25 at Pico Pico Cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo, Japan.

Device 6 receives 2014 IGF Excellence in Audio Award

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Composer Daniel Olsén and developer Simogo Games received the award for Excellence in Audio for the interactive smartphone novel Device 6 at the 2014 Indendent Games Festival, held at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The Seumas McNally Grand Prize went to Papers, Please by Lucas Pope.

Shanshui publishes Shield / Penetration concept album

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Shanshui Records has rebooted with a new EP by Bleepstreet alumni and Blip Festival Tokyo 2012 featured artists Sulumi (Sun Dawei) of Beijing and Covox of Northern Sweden. "Shield / Penetration" is a two-track electronic concept album tinged with punk, rock and rave undertones, available to stream in full on SoundCloud.

Europe in 8 Bits now on Vimeo on Demand

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Chiptune music documentary Europe in 8 Bits, directed by Javier Polo, has become available to rent on Vimeo on Demand in all regions. Exploring the use of Nintendo Game Boy, NES, Atari ST, Amiga and the Commodore 64 for the composition and performance of music, the film stars Goto80, Raquel Meyers, Covox and other artists.

Humble Bundle of Love for Brandon Boyer launches

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The Humble Bundle has launched the Bundle of Love for Brandon Boyer, a campaign to raise funds for the IGF Chairman's cancer treatments. The $25 bundle includes 30 indie games and the digital soundtrack albums for Bit.Trip Beat, Blocks That Matter, Stacking, Thomas Was Alone, VVVVVV, Waking Mars and World of Goo.

A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV soundtrack samples

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Square Enix has posted the first 50 music samples from A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack by Masayoshi Soken and other artists. The Blu-Ray disc, containing 119 music tracks from the massively multiplayer online game for PC, PS3 and PS4, is scheduled for release on March 26 in Japan.