Bit Summit indie game festival timetable posted

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The timetable for the 2014 Bit Summit indie game festival has been posted to the three-day Kyoto event's official website. The lineup includes live music performances by Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), Baiyon (PixelJunk Eden), Chipzel (Super Hexagon), Masaya Matsuura (PaRappa the Rapper) and keyboardist Prof.Sakamoto.

Aliceffekt's Short Stories In Impossible Spaces

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Hiversaires designer Aliceffekt (Devine Lu Linvega) has published the soundtrack to the independently developed iOS puzzle game Oquonie. Available to stream in full and purchase in your file format of choice through Bandcamp, Short Stories In Impossible Spaces features cover art by the game's illustrator Rekka Bellum.

The Floor is Jelly music score streaming online

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Game designer Ian Snyder and Fez composer Disasterpeace (Rich Vreeland) have co-composed the soundtrack to The Floor Is Jelly, available to stream in full online through Bandcamp and Loudr. The acoustic avant-garde score invites you to wobble and bounce through a universe fully constructed of jelly.

TxK Soundtrack by Llamasoft Moosicians

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British video game designer Jeff Minter of Space Giraffe has published the Bandcamp digital album "TxK The Original Soundtrack by Llamasoft Moosicians." A mix of techno and ambient soundscapes composed by numerous indie artists for the PlayStation Vita exclusive, the score is available to stream in full through Bandcamp.

Threes background music by Big Giant Circles

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Background music to the elegant iOS puzzler Threes, composed by Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson, is streaming in full on Bandcamp. Including two unused alternative tracks written for the iPhone and iPad app, Threes The Soundtrack is available to download in your file format of choice for "name your price."

Austin Wintory 2014 DICE presentation on YouTube

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Austin Wintory's twenty-minute DICE presentation "Music's Rising Tides" can now be viewed on YouTube, extolling the virtues of today's unprecedented low barriers to being heard for aspiring musicians. The composer's orchestral score for The Banner Saga was crowdfunded through Kickstarter and published through Bandcamp.

Aliceffekt scores Oquonie iOS puzzle game

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Hiversaires designer Aliceffekt has composed an original score for Oquonie, an iOS puzzle game developed in collaboration with illustrator Rekka Bellum. Due out next week, the game depicts bizarre characters who speak an obscure language, allowing the player to explore an intertwined megastructure labyrinth.

8 Bit Instrumental arrangements on SoundCloud

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South American game cover band 8 Bit Instrumental uploaded several of their classic game arrangements to SoundCloud, yesterday. The acoustic renditions of themes from Chrono Trigger and Super Metroid can be heard alongside the band's score for Pulso da Rua, a cancelled indie PC game set in Brazil.

Mon Petit Arigato chiptune party March 7 in Kyoto

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On Friday, March 7 during the weekend of the Bit Summit II indie game festival, Cafe la Siesta will hold the Mon Petit Arigato chiptune party in Kyoto Gion, Japan at 9:00 pm. The event will feature live performances by chip musicians TORIENA and NNNNNNNNNN of Madmilky Records, as well as 3dNOW of Kusemono Records.

Laura Shigihara announces Rakuen soundtrack

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Plants vs Zombies composer Laura Shigihara has announced the soundtrack release for her adventure game Rakuen, scheduled to debut on Bandcamp on April 12. Nine themes from the music score are currently streaming online, including the song "Jump," featured on the Play For Japan: The Album Vol. 1 charity project.

Chipzel, Matsumae y Baiyon actuarán en el Bit Summit

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Los organizadores del Festival de Juegos Independientes Bit Summit 2014 han anunciado la lista de músicos que actuarán en el evento, programado para el 7-9 de marzo. El festival tendrá lugar en el Miyako Messe, en Kyoto, Japón, y participarán artistas como el compositor Manami Matsumae, del juego Mega Man, el músico para Game Boy, Chipzel, así como el intérprete de covers de juegos, el Profesor Sakamoto.

Bay Area musicians perform The String Arcade

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San Francisco Bay Area musicians' The String Arcade digital album can now be streamed in full through Bandcamp, arranging themes from The Legend of Zelda, Plants vs. Zombies and Minecraft for string quartet. Produced by Dren McDonald, all proceeds go to the Alameda Music Project tuition-free school program.

La-Mulana 2 Kickstarter campaign launches

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Indie game distributor Playism and Tokyo-based developer Nigoro have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund adventure game La-Mulana 2, starring the daughter of the original protagonist. The first La-Mulana is today's Steam's deal of the day, available for 90% off for PC for a limited time.

Daedelus scores Nidhogg by Messhof

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Music producer Daedelus (Alfred Darlington) has scored the soundtrack to Nidhogg by LA-based indie game designer Messhof (Mark Essen). "Forest" from the score to the sprite-based fencing game is streaming on SoundCloud, while the full soundtrack comes packaged with the Steam release as individual ogg files.

Bit Summit MMXIV slated for March 7~9

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Bit Summit MMXIV, the second annual Kyoto indie game developer conference organized by PixelJunk series studio Q-Games, has been scheduled for March 7 through 9, 2014. Expanding upon the scope of the previous year's outing to include three days' worth of presentations by guest speakers and musical performers.