Chiptots new album l.i.g.u.e.o.s.p.i.x.e.!.s

Source submitted by 8bit on 2009-06-30 - comments

Check out the new Chiptots album " l.i.g.u.e.o.s.p.i.x.e.!.s "


Hundreds of SaGa series samples added to Square Enix site

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Hundreds of SaGa series samples have been added to Square Enix's official website for the SaGa 20th anniversary box set, including music by Kenji Ito and Masashi Hamauzu.


Indie game composer chat - Night, Flower, Eden and Proud

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The composers of NightSky, Flower, PixelJunk Eden and Sound Shapes discuss the intersection between independent games and music.


My Parents Favorite Music - Testing the Waters

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The new album from My Parents Favorite Music is on sale now. "Testing the Waters" is 9+ tracks of video game inspired hip hop with guest appearances by MC Router and MC Lars, take a look!


Michael Quest III by Sikamoto

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Michael Jackson invades games.  A music video by Sikamoto.


Chiptots release "Chip Goes Pop"

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The band Chiptots from Brazil releases some remixes from classical Pop Music in 8-bit Chiptune style.


Timbaland sued for plagiarism

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Producer Timbaland and artist Nelly Furtado are being sued by the record label Kernel for copyright violation of chiptune track "Acidjazzed Evening."


Paul Van Dyk brings techno to games

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2009-06-20 - comments

PS3 Informer talks with influential trance musician Paul Van Dyk about working with EA on their upcoming sports title Grand Slam Tennis.


Nitro Game Injection #119 - Interview with Another Soundscape

Source submitted by kylejcrb on 2009-06-18 - comments

Mattias Häggström Gerdt has finally come to Nitro Game Injection!


Nubuwo May 2009 - Highest Voted Items

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The highest voted items related to videogame music for May 2009.


Scarygirl and the spooky tunes of Luke Jurevicius

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Australian composer and animation director Luke Jurevicius discusses creating the haunting soundtrack to the free online Flash game Scarygirl.


Mattias Häggström Gerdt (Another Soundscape) Interview and Exclusive Track!

Source submitted by justinj212 on 2009-06-12 - comments

Radio Free Gamer interview with Mattias Häggström Gerdt (Another Soundscape) and a preview track from the upcoming game Kaleidoscope.


8bitpeoples releases Future, and It Doesn't Work

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Chiptune collective 8bitpeoples has released Future, and It Doesn't Work, a new EP by Starscream.


PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe video Q&A

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Takashi Iura and Sachiyo Oshima of Otograph, the musical team behind the score to PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe, discuss music for the PS3 and PSP tower defense title by Q-Games.


VGM Spotlight - Ar Tonelico II's Utau Oka

Source submitted by anosou on 2009-06-08 - comments

Composer, arranger and OCRemix judge Mattias Häggström Gerdt (Another Soundscape) quickly analyzes one of the more stand-out tracks from the Ar Tonelico II soundtrack.